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Disruptive Productivity

Office HacksThe way we work isn’t working. According to Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged with their work. They are drowning in an ocean of emails, phone calls, more emails, meetings, projects, proposals, and plans. Join Julia Roy at the Disruptors Business Conference this September for a world class workshop in disruptive prodcctivity. Equipped with the latest research in brain-based productivity, Julia will share actionable insights into how you can better maximize your employees’ mental resources, creativity and ability to build a happier and more productive workplace.


Actionable Takeaways

About Julia Roy

Julia Roy is a personal trainer for productivity. Living at the intersection of neuroscience, technology and productivity, Julia is on a mission to transform the way we work. Through her consultancy WorkHacks, she trains entrepreneurs and teams on how to improve their relationship with their work through better systems, processes and tools.

Prior to co-founding WorkHacks, Julia helped Fortune 500 brands with social media marketing, creating and executing campaigns for companies like Pepsi, Ford, Coach, Hearst and Citrix.

Julia is a popular public speaker, bringing her unique perspective on neuroscience and productivity to audiences around the world. Julia has been a featured speaker at Harvard Business School, LessConf and numerous corporate and higher education conferences and workshops.
Julia has over 58,000 Twitter followers and has received many business accolades including The Forbes 14 Power Women to follow on Twitter.

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