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Distributed working


How can a company employ hundreds of people, power 20% of the worlds websites with over 14.6 billion pages viewed every month but not have any offices? Distributed working is one of the hottest work practices in the world and we’ll be speaking about it at the Disruptors Business Conference. The aforementioned company isĀ Automatic, the owners of WordPress and what makes them different from your standard tech company is that their entire workforce works remotely in distributed work teams. This work phenomenon is a trend for the future. Distributed work teams enable businesses to recruit the best talent from all over the world. Timezones and languages are no longer barriers to creating an effective team. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sieva Kozinsky will be keynoting on Distributed working at the conference, speaking about his experience of running the startup Studysoup with a distributed work team.

Find out whether this will be the work practice of the future and how you can get it to work for you. Just one more reason to attend the Disruptors Business Conference. Book your ticket today.