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Introducing the Disruptors Business Conference

event2Disruptors Business Conference – The only business conference you need to attend this year.

Technologies today are advancing so rapidly that most industry leaders will be fighting for survival before they know it. Many analysts believe that over 50% of today’s Fortune 500 companies will have disappeared in 10 years time. The challengers will come out of nowhere, possibly from start-ups in other industries. In recent years,, a technology company, disrupted bookstores, Apple, a computers company shook up the music industry and we have seen mapping apps on mobile phones displace GPS devices.

Disruptors is a one-day business conference that will examine how virtually every industry in the world is being disrupted.  Learn how the fastest growing companies in the world are achieving unprecedented success by deploying the latest disruptive business techniques. Hear first hand from venture capital experts, recently funded startups, successful entrepreneurs and published authors cutting edge insights into how game changing businesses are disrupting industries globally.

This remarkably different business conference offers a unique opportunity to network with like-minded business leaders, entrepreneurs and our hand picked selection of speakers. The aim of the conference is to provide valuable business lessons that people can’t find elsewhere. We want to create a lively learning atmosphere and make it easy for attendees to meet relevant experts and peers.

The event includes a main stage, a workshop zone and a startup space.


Main stage


  • Humanities Grand Challenges , Trillion dollar opportunities
  • An insiders view on Silicon Valley: Disrupting verticals and placing bets on tomorrow
  • Investor panel: Where is the clever money going?
  • Disruptive ecosystems: Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv
  • Breaking billion dollar monopolies
  • The changing financing landscape – an introduction to Crowd-funding
  • The importance of diversity in creating a hot team
  • Exploring the Ashoka changemaker Skillset
  • Distributed work teams
  • The social media free ride is over –What next?
  • The fall of the Gatekeeper, Data driven marketing into the future
  • The Black art of the hustle:Lessons from disrupting an education system
  • Facing our biggest fears. How can we disrupt the future if we are afraid to fail?

Workshop Zone


  • Communication workshop
  • Productivity work hacks
  • Seriously advanced Excel and revenue modeling Aidan Corbett,
  • Data Protection issues and IP (Legal sponsor)
  • Advances in performance appraisals Shane Twomey
  • Applied networking techniques– Kelly Hoey
  • Office hours- 3 Office hours with speakers
  • Leanstartup for big business- Why your company should be getting out of the building
  • Understanding your social analytics

Startup area


  • Bootstrapping, advice from the valley
  • To Incubate or not to incubate
  • Silicon Valley access
  • Building the perfect pitch deck
  • Running a crowd funding campaign. Interactive workshop and best practice examples
  • Afternoon session: Disruptors PMF ( Product market fit startups pitch toa panel of investors)

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